Tess McQuade is a Canadian singer-songwriter born in the West Island, in Quebec. She moved with her family to Costa Rica at the age of seven, where she completed her studies in Spanish, English and French.

Her interest and particular talent for singing and music brought her to San Isidro’s Sinfonica school for her musical tutoring. In the beginning she participated in various projects, including performing on Costa Rica’s National Television Network on several occasions. 

In order to pursue her creative musical endeavour, she auditioned with success at the Quebec Conservatory of Music and Theatre, in Montreal, where she explored the world of classical music for several years under the guidance of internationally renowned soprano Donna Brown.In the process of gaining experience as a singer-songwriter, Tess participated in many peripheral musical experiences such as galas, Broadway musicals, festivals, corporate events and live national Canadian broadcasts; on top of performing the National Anthems for Montreal’s most prolific professional sports teams.   

Currently, Tess is building her own creative repertory as it lies mostly in the deep-rooted realm of old-school soul, R&B, alternative pop , Latin and fusions of several personally meaningful influences.

A promising debut album is in the works.